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iX3, due 2020. Built in China for the global market, the iX3 is a CLAR-platform RWD-only plug-in X3 sibling good for a range of about 160 miles.

iNext, due in July 2021. The packaging of this 2.4-ton people mover (codename: i20) won't differ much from that of the show car, but camo'd prototypes suggest a less polarizing design inside and out. Together with the i8 replacement, the iNext is one of two so-called "enabler models" intended to act as high-tech showpieces for the brand.

The most powerful of three versions is claimed to cost €110,000 before options (figure roughly the same figure in U.S. dollars), draw energy from a 105-kWh battery, and lay down up to 400 kW (536 hp) of power via all-wheel drive.

The same source predicts a 2.8-second zero-to-62-mph acceleration time and a range of more than 375 miles. According to a person familiar with the cycle plan, there will eventually also be a long-wheelbase iNext for China as well as a fuel-cell derivative.

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